Oct 17, 2009

A journey in the train...

It was 5:30 in the morning. I had to leave, my friend was sleeping inside the room. And morning was cool. I closed the door and started walking down the street slowly, with a humming in my mind..
dawn is breaking its early morn
taxi’s waiting he is blowing his horn
already I’m so lonesome.. I could die.. No. I wasn’t feeling so lonely, anyway.

Well, I was heading home from Bangalore, have to catch the Intercity Express to Cochin. I had no reservation, no hope of getting even a seat at all. But it was a cool morning, fresh and crispy, always enjoyed a journey in the early morning. We were three, two of us got reservation, and the other one was myself. My immediate visit could not ensure a berth for me, I had to take the general tickets for the 12 hours journey. He was waving his hand when I reached the platform, I didn’t see him until I came to a few feet closer to him. I was thinking of something or my mind was elsewhere.

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