Aug 28, 2010

How Pman got kissed, got a life and got divorced

After a couple of weeks of contemplation, I resigned from my job. It wasn't an end of anything, nor was it a new beginning. As usual I was in the cafe, browsing and checking mails. There was a mail from Vanila, Kochi. They were looking for some one like me, and asked me to appear for online exam. Good, I made a quick search and got no results for sample questions. Less than an hour, done! I signed off and left the cafe.

I got a call next day, I was asked to appear for an interview at Infopark Campus. Cool, I was happy. I had gone there once when I was a student, I caught an auto from Kakkanad to Vanila, opened the door, and seated in a big cushioned chair. A man with a thick beard came out from the cabin I was sitting square with and called me . Just a face to face interview, he asked why I left last employer and so and so questions. Once it seemed over, he said,

"You have to appear for another test here"

"Okay", I said, obviously they don't know who wrote it in the cafe.

Aug 15, 2010

Kargil martyr remembered by Kupwara girl

Today is the Independence Day of India, I just remembered the story of a modern freedom fighter, who sacrificed everything for India. it's a true story...


He may be no more, but for 16 year old Rukhsana from a remote villege in Kashmir, Vir Chakra recipient and Kargil martyr Captain Vijayant Thapar is still alive. The student of std IX in Kupwara district of north Kashmir, fondly remembers this "messiah" as "a tall man with whom she played on school premises and who gave her handful of chocolates."

While braving the intruders on the icy heights of Knoll and Three-Pimples Drass sub-sectorin Kargil, 22 year old Captain Thapar in his last letter to his family asked them to continue Rs.50 to a girl in Kupwara. He wrote, "By the time you get this letter, I''ll be observing you all from the sky enjoying the hospitality of apsaras (angels)... donate some money to an orphanage, and keep giving Rs.50 to Rukhsana a month."

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