Jan 25, 2011

Rijesh is my friend

This is sort of what I'd love to do, I'm satisfied with the sketch and how it looks. And, miserably, it could have been better. :(

The whole sketch is done with a single graphite HB pencil - only one. I tried out all my pencils one by one, most of the faber-castells, nothing worked up to my expectations.

Also, this image is the first one I ever used with GIMP, as a beginner I'd say GIMP is awesome! Thanks to F-Spot too, for the final round of touch-ups.

Finally, thank you, for your stay on this page!

Jan 22, 2011

The story of an NGO called ItsMyDuty

The employees and alumni of QBurst have a good virtual hangout, a perfect place for junks and craps!

In late October, a mail which claimed to be 'non-entertainment' in its subject line has proved it was serious once opened. Anooj was asking about helping needies in the city and neighborhood by accumulating cash from those who are interested. Many of us welcomed it and after a couple of days' discussion it was named `it's my duty.`

Many of us were interested in charity or working with some NGOs. Many of us were thinking about such moves. So this idea was hugely applauded.

In the beginning of the month volunteers collect cash from the members, only those who are interested need to donate. Activities are planned during weekdays in the virtual world, because we are spread over three offices and execute them in the weekends or public holidays.

Jan 9, 2011

Getting offended as an irrational emotion

This post can be generalized. But narrowing it down to offense and sympathy, for those who think anyone else is offensive and find solace in compassion. Mostly, when one has to choose between confidence and ego(t)ism or self interest/respect and selfishness, its difficult and subjective.

Someone else is always blamed when anyone got offended. The fact is some external elements and influencers can offend anyone only if they are allowed to do so. Many people are concerned about the thickness of thin things. I am no different, some other times I am quite able to kill it. Personally, I know of a few who aren't this kind.
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