Aug 27, 2011

Two HR recruiters in my life

I had spoken with many recruiters and had some interesting conversations with some of them. It's always interesting for me to talk to a stranger. Let me post two of them here.

------ 1 -------

One HR executive, soft-spoken and sweet,  asked me lots of information and hung up. As I turned around, my cell was ringing again.
"Yup," I said answering the call.
"Hey, it's me again, pMan. I need one more information from you." she said, the same HR recruiter.
"Sure," I said.
"Hmmm, are you married?" I was surprised about that question and was well aware of what she really wanted to know.
"Oh No, are you?" I asked her.
"Hmm.. no... alright.. thanks pMan. I will process your resume and let you know." She was in a hurry. It was a nice experience and lesson learnt. It's all about how, and not what, you ask someone when you ask for something. Needless to say, I didn't get another call from her.

She should have asked me 'pMan, I want to know your marital status to process your candidature?' I am sure, I wouldn't have replied anything more than 'single' and no more questions. There are reasons why should we act formal at times. And, never act friendly with strangers. :-)
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