Feb 13, 2010

Some thoughts about absolute Truth and Right

I just thought to write about the reality of Truth, after a discussion, where people have different opinion. And that different opinion itself spells the meaning of right is ambiguous, like anything else. The interesting thing is, almost everyone has a feeling of being in righteousness in ourselves.

Crowly, the most dangerous gunman in New York, he killed people at the drop of a feather( as Dale Carnegie said ), when caught by police after hours of fight, said 'Under my coat is a weary heart, but a kind one - one that would do nobody any harm', Bin Laden believes and lives in his righteousness, and of course his followers too. Everyone of us can justify our deeds. We all live in the belief of our righteousness. Personally, I've a belief that Dalai Lama is morally justified, because his peace in whatever he does, and Beijing never sees it. They are right in their own territory.

What is right to you, may make no sense to me. Obviously, how often we've heard of a consensus! Whatever we figure out is an outcome of our thought, thoughts are processes of our mind, which needs an input to function. In another context, we cannot contemplate on anything that is null or nothing. And when we judge anything, the input to our thought is the action/object/entity that we want to figure out. Usually, what we perceive is dependent on our previous experiences. In that way that leads to our thoughts. So our justifications are all about our past experiences, broadly speaking.

Feb 7, 2010

The effect of a transcendental music and lyrics of Atma Shatakam

I was so tired, since three weeks I had no rest at all. As I joined a new firm at T'puram, shifting to there, getting familiar with new workplace, people, environment. It was interesting and I was excited that I could meet new people and it was nice talk to them. What screwed me up was, last few days I had to stay office till 10 in the night. And last three weekends, I was either traveling to home or my old place. Sometimes no serious work in office, but I won't be able to leave. And that was a Thursday, around 10:30pm, I came back to my room, where I stay with my friends.

I know only one of my mates for years, but this time after a couple of years, we are together again. He was on his computer when I came in with my slumped shoulders and downward face, I never wanted to know what are they doing. But I could not ignore the transcendental music, from his desktop. He is a spiritual guy. To me spirituality was a religious thing until I spoke with him. He told me how to go spiritual with my works that I consider purely materialistic. He asked me to listen the music video. I did and that is why I write now. I just watched it, and replayed it!

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