Dec 22, 2011

Some Random Blurts

How to effectively blurt?  Read on.

A sane can point his finger at someone insane, while the insane, as per the self-proclaimed sane, is occupied with his duties, so obediently, so proactively and committed to it... and he has no time, nor willingness to worry about the sane, or to worry about his own fate.

Well, here I am, wishing for the insanity to find solace and eternal happiness, and to make sense of my life and deeds. 



That make me feel great! I mean, the idea of ultimate freedom is, indeed, ultimate. It takes a lot of courage... I haven't heard of many people like Alexander 'supertramp' who went for Ultimate Freedom and celebrated it! But still... I don't understand, why people around me set aside their intellectual abilities, and even their freedom... and rely on Duty which only exists in society... so called civilized society, which leaves us as slaves.

Both of them - duty and obligation, are the ruins of some beliefs that can be only created on top of an assumption that 'they all are idiots.' Oh... I don't mind if you think so... I may be an idiot, but you - society, can't take away my freedom... And they, duty and obligation, want to act as a substitute for my logic, hence to destroy my freedom of expression... and want me to be a puppet... Damn you society...

Aren't you folks afraid of the society? One of my friends once said, life is very simple, we make it a lot more complicated by adding all those dos and don'ts, defined by Society... Perhaps, the reason why many of the creative artists lived their lives away from society is - freedom... a need for freedom... a thirst for freedom... for ultimate freedom.
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