Dec 5, 2010

What The Alchemist and Paulo Coelho told you?

Everybody talk about 'The Alchemist' anytime the conversation comes to books. The Alchemist was not a motivating book nor a fascinating story, to me. More of a good time-pass read. Just another fictional work and there may be plenty of such. The author sometimes talks about inner calling and omens. I don't know what the author thinks about it, to follow or not, even after completing the book. The shepherd boy forgot Merchant's daughter when he is back. He may forget Fatima in the same way on his way back to her if the author didn't stop telling the story where he did. The shepherd boy is unable to make decisions. And he use external influences for that. I remembered Howard Roark's question - "If you can't decide for yourself, how can you trust someone else doing it for you?" Howard is a man with high self-interest, not selfishness (The fountainhead by Ayn Rand). Most of the people aren't too motivated or have a genuine interest in self. It's just another work of fiction, to me. Plus, Paulo Coelho's approach towards writing is a bit boring and obsolete? :P

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