More about pMan

Hello there,

I want to say something, quite optimistically. Here is some random facts about me, read on.

  • I am silent to external world and talk a hell lot to myself. I'd enjoy in conversations if you don't talk about Bollywood or cricket.
  • Once I forgot my mobile on my desk at office, I've forgotten my specs in my room some other day, sometimes I only charge my phone once in a week. But still, I am not a geek, I never had keyboard imprints on my cheek.
  • I am a software programmer (right now SSE @Accenture) by profession and I'd say my mind is elsewhere -- wandering around cameras, photographs, pencils, colors, designs, patterns etc. I am passionate about philosophy, psychology and spirituality. If the forth one is technology, that's just because I am used to it.
  • I am tall, about 175cms and 50Kg. One of the thinnest guys. :-( Some of my internet acquaintances offered me protein weight gain powder, seriously!
  • Soccer is in my blood, you won't believe Messi can hold my breath for 15 minutes!
  • I have very cool temper, you'll hardly see my reddish face.
  • Tea is my weakness. A cup of hot and strong black tea with sugar can bring in anything! (Nowadays 5 big teas, on an average, a day.)


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