Oct 2, 2010

My day at Ananthashayi

He was the most happy boy among them. He always says Aaro Vannu (somebody has come) every time somebody passed by, like he by-hearted it from someone else. Kids learn things quickly. He is only three years old and everybody there was happy watching after him. He dances with songs and tunes on others’ mobile phones, they are happy to play it for him. He called me and my friend uncle and got friendly with my friend in no time. Great to see him dance. Who can resist the sincere smile of a playful little boy.

His name is Jeevan, I am talking about a boy I met last Sunday at Ananthashayi Balasadanam. There are some boys, Jeevan is the youngest of them, and the eldest of the boys is around 16.

It was another boring Sunday when my friend called me to join him to visit Balasadanam. I was excited to to go. Because I was thinking about it for some time - but never did. I thought to have some good time with them, but it wasn’t so easy. I felt sorry about them. It took some time for me to get back to the state what I thought I’d be in. Thanks to Jeevan for that. He can stretch your lips wide, easily.
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