Jan 9, 2011

Getting offended as an irrational emotion

This post can be generalized. But narrowing it down to offense and sympathy, for those who think anyone else is offensive and find solace in compassion. Mostly, when one has to choose between confidence and ego(t)ism or self interest/respect and selfishness, its difficult and subjective.

Someone else is always blamed when anyone got offended. The fact is some external elements and influencers can offend anyone only if they are allowed to do so. Many people are concerned about the thickness of thin things. I am no different, some other times I am quite able to kill it. Personally, I know of a few who aren't this kind.

They are always happy and cool as cucumber. People with good level of faith in themselves and belief in what they do, hardly get offended. They are quite able to detach with anything which could bother them. I think this is the most effective way of being cool. And on the flip side, nothing has lost.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can hurt you without your consent."
Mahatma Gandhi once said "They cannot take away our self respect if we do not give it to them." You know the his slap-philosophy
Another one from Mahatma Gandhi - "renunciation is the easiest way to experience freedom." This may seem paradoxical at first. Better experience it.

Nothing will happen to us without our consent, mentally. But we are too weak and so, too easy to kill our pride. We'll never get offended unless we allow them to kill our pride and faith. Having a good level of self respect and self interest is definitely good for this purpose. Here we will have to deal with naysayers, like anywhere else. Detach with them. Tell to compassion that there is no compassion without suffering

No, no more sorrow
I've paid for your mistakes
Your time is borrowed
Your time has come to be replaced
Thieves and hypocrites! - This is what all needed, as linkinpark said!

Few of my friends said my heart is made of rock but they know why I am a vegetarian. And I know why they can't be a vegetarian. We can have all our senses and feelings and live accordingly, but that's no justification to be emotional, in particular, SYMPATHY.


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