Feb 5, 2011

Few of my years old sketches found in the bin!

It's a good idea to create a profile on flickr for sketches. Well, I did that y'day. And I was surprised to see the error message flickr showed to me that says I already have an account, I must either change my email id or delete the other account and some blah!

I had no clue of my other account and so, thought to log in just to see if anything is in. I had to reset my password after few unsuccessful attempts. When I logged in, I found some of my old sketches that is uploaded by myself, apparently.

These sketches are drawn several years ago, before 2005 for sure. I have almost forgotten all these sketches. Thanks Flickr!

Here I am sharing few of them for those who like my sketches. Feedback is appreciated even though my sketching attitude has changed a bit now, y'know it! :-)


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