Nov 28, 2010

Pencil Sketch of Josie Maran

I am back, in a week, again... Well, I must say I am not happy this time. But I thought to reveal it now, as there is no plan for me to work on this in the future. A perfectly finished drawing has never impressed me so much. All the hours (about 15) spent on this, I was doing it against will to make it that way, so tired now, gave up.

Any time I was in trouble, or if cops were around my way, or if there any new race in the city, she called me! Wished me best of luck. Her name is Mia, in NFS-most-wanted.

This is done with graphite pencils of 6B and HB. One of my friends gifted me some artists' pencils, eraser, sharpener and a drawing book! This picture is captured with my webcam, if I click a high quality picture or scan her in high resolution, I'll update here later.

Glad to know you're reading my blog, thanks for that! :-)


viMaL said...

good work :)

sreejith said...

great work ... keep it up

Arun R.Krishnan said...


GASP3R said...

wonderful as always..liked it very much.

pMan said...

Nice to see your comments, thanks.. :)

Mahesh said...

awsome dude :))) keep going


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