Nov 22, 2010

Charcoal sketch of Edward Cullen

This is my first attempt with charcoal. It was like coding with slate and pencil. :-)

It wasn't so easy, but I always like the high contrast in sketch that I don't usually do with graphite pencils. More of a learning process to me, I'll get better, hopefully.

I did like the vegetarian 'glampire', I'll be sort of one once I'm done here. I mean, the vegetarian part of him. :D

"I dreamed I was missing, you were so scared
But no one would listen 'cause no one else cared"

PS: I am drawing a girl (with graphite pencils) who always reminds me to wear seat belt and drive safely on the streets whenever I rev up for a race. You know her. Keep checking out, see you back soon!


GASP3R said...

that's the most wonderful work.. hatsoff to your work..
that shadow work on the side is pretty cool... :)

pMan said...

This is rough, scratches and strokes. I like the unfinished look of it and the high contrast tone.

Adheesh L P said...

Charcoal??!! This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

hats off :).. really gr8 work bro

raju said...

Good Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kellen kyros said...

Great ...!!

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