Sep 5, 2013

I love to see you cry

After a long time, she called me today!!!! Still expects me to talk to her on phone. You know what, this girl managed to get 2000 bucks out of me. To cite the stupidity in that, let me tell you the whole story.

I knew nothing about her, she asked me some bucks and I transferred it to an account that she said her sister's. She never realized I consider myself as a learner -- to be precise, a psychology student with herself as subject. And I was, indeed, learning a lot! Wasn't sure she will return it, nor did I believe that she won't. But I knew later that all she wanted was bucks! Only bucks. It wasn't a pleasant surprise! No surprise at all.

Months passed, she called me again, texted me often, I replied sometimes, tried to talk to her when she called me. And then, she wanted me to transfer more.!! Ahh.. I was never angry with her, I remained the same cool idiot that I was before, and I had to tell her that I'm the wrong guy for her, she must try some  awesome boys who don't mind spending. That annoyed her. We talked rarely then, but she tried to keep in touch, and texted me not so often though.

Few years now... She still texts me, promising me what she is going to do next, asked me my bank account details, etc. But, whenever she asked my bank account, that was the end of the conversation. With my even tempered manner, I politely declined that offer. The reason why I did so wasn't that I'm afraid of disclosing my account details. We'll come back to that later. And I told her many times that 2k won't change anything in my life, if I look at my life in a broader, bigger perspective. And, by any chance, if the universe is going to collapse tonight, there is no point in worrying about bucks. I was sure that that 2K would never change anything in her life, either, if she tries to see the big picture. I tried to explain this to her, whenever I found her listening to me.

Last day she invited me to her wedding. I wished her - the same old clich├ęd greetings. Today she called my phone again! When I said hello, she realized that I'm the same stupid guy, who said the same 'hello' when she dialed a wrong number, apparently, few years ago. Once again she invited for her wedding reception. I've no plan to go and I hate euphemism from the core of my heart, so I told her, to be honest, I won't come.

Today, she was convinced that she will never get a chance to give it back to me. That was a torture for this little girl who lost her head in bucks some years ago, when she lost herself in the glitters that's all around, I would not call her a bitch, I have sympathy for her. I am glad I could make her see things in a different way. When she put down her phone without a 'bye,' she was weeping like a child. I have become torturing her with that 2k now, I don't want it back, I would rather take pleasure in making her cry, not as a revenge, nor as a sadist.

Sometimes, when a boy makes a girl cry, it's not that bad. You know it when Enrique sings "I don't know why, I love to see you cry."
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